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Towards a zero-carbon nuclear energy future: a review

Physics & Astronomy International Journal
Manyika Kabuswa Davy, Mwape Kelvin, Mbewe Michael

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In order to attain a relatively zero-carbon future, nuclear energy is proposed to be one of the major solutions. In our quest to deal with climate change, we need to thirst for a clean energy source in the present day world of advancing technology. On each day, it is vivid that the demand for energy is increasing faster as compared to past years. The rate at which fossil fuels are being consumed may soon result in their extinction. Equipped with these facts, it is safe to turn to nuclear power as an alternative in order to attain a clean energy future. Therefore, this work tries to review how this can be a possibility knowing very well that nuclear energy has relatively low emissions of carbon dioxide as compared to other energy sources apart from hydroelectricity. In terms of greenhouse gasses, nuclear energy emits relatively lower amounts. This paper also highlights issues surrounding nuclear power plants construction as well as climate change effects, mitigation and adaptation. Safety issues of power plants which is a major concern by the public will also be tackled in brief.


Nuclear energy; greenhouse gasses; climate change; clean energy