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Study on the impact of Imidacloprid and Dimethoate on soil respiration

Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation
Sweta Subarna,1 Neha Baxla,1 Shalini,1 Rohit Srivastava,1 Manoj Kumar,2 Rakesh Ranjan,2 Manoranjan Prasad Sinha1


The intensive use of pesticides and insecticides has become a regular practice in order to meet the rising food demands of a fast-expanding human population. Although these chemicals are always used against specific targets (pests/insects etc.) of plants and animals, they also encounter non-target (harmless/useful) plants and animals and thus negatively influence the surroundings. In the present study, the individual and combined impact of Imidacloprid and Dimethoate on soil respiration was studied. The results clearly indicate the diminishing impact of both Imidacloprid and Dimethoate on carbon dioxide evolution from the studied soil samples. 


Imidacloprid, Dimethoate, soil respiration, carbon dioxide, combined effect