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Vipareeta Avipareeta Swapna Nidarshaneeyam chapter of Sushruta Sutra Sthana - an explorative study

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Vipareeta Avipareeta Swapna Nidarshaneeyam (VASN) is the 29th chapter of Sutra Sthana of Sushruta Samhita. This chapter has 81 verses that deal with various Shakunas (omens), Doota (caregiver) and Swapna (dreams). The aim of the present work is to provide a comprehensive and critical analysis of the contents of VASN chapter with the help of contemporary prognostic and dream literature. Characteristic features of a caregiver and their influence on patient’s clinical outcome, various omens (both good and bad) and dreams (both auspicious and inauspicious) and their positive or negative prognostic consequences are documented in the VASN chapter. Shakunas of the VASN chapter denote the belief systems that were prevalent in ancient India and the prognostic significance needs to be evaluated further. Interpretation of dreams that are documented in VASN chapter seems to be congruent with the findings of contemporary dream research. Interdisciplinary studies among Ayurveda, Jyotishya Shastra (medical astrology) and modern prognostic science are required to authenticate the good and bad omens and their association with the positive or negative clinical outcomes. 


Ayurveda, caregiver, dream, Doota, Shakuna, Swapna