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Photonic crystal fiber based automated system to diagnose silent killer


Pancreatic cancer (PC) is a lethal disease that is difficult to diagnose in its early stages. This
is the reason it is deadly known as “The silent killer”. Traditional diagnostic methods are
often invasive and can lead to misdiagnosis. The purpose of this manuscript is to propose
photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) based artificial intelligence (AI) systems to materialize it as
a promising tool for diagnosing pancreatic cancer. PCFs are optical fibers (OFs) that allow
for the detection of light at high resolution and used to analyze the biochemical composition
of tissues samples and feed the resulting data into an AI algorithm. The proposed system
has the potential to significantly improve the early detection and diagnosis of pancreatic
cancer, which lead to better outcomes. The Decision Tree (DT) model achieved an accuracy
of 86.8%, a sensitivity of 81.6%, and a specificity of 90.3%. The Support Vector Machine
(SVM) model achieved an accuracy of 90.9%, a sensitivity of 95.7%, and a specificity of
86.0%. The K-nearest neighbor (KNN) model achieved an accuracy of 90.8%, a sensitivity
of 91.7%, and a specificity of 89.1%.


photonic crystal fiber, artificial intelligence, pancreatic cancer, bio-molecules