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Lips enhancement using hyaluronic acid

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Denis Souto Valente,1 Pedro Bins Ely,1 Rafaela Koehler Zanella,2 Georgia Marques Jardim,3 Carolina Guimarães Herzog,3 Gustavo Gianesini,3 Alexandre Vontobel Padoin2

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Lip filling with hyaluronic acid is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure widely used to improve the appearance of the lips. This review article involved a critical analysis of the available scientific evidence on using hyaluronic acid in lip fillers, including application techniques, complications, and clinical results. The reviewed studies suggest that hyaluronic acid is effective and safe dermal filler for improving lip volume and appearance with a high patient satisfaction rate. However, the product and application technique choice must be carefully evaluated to minimize complications and maximize results. In addition, the knowledge of anatomical structures and the professional’s skill are essential to obtain an aesthetic and natural result.


lip augmentation, hyaluronic acid, dermal fillers, complications, injection technique, cosmetic surgery