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Family social climate and anxiety, depression and stress in university students in times of covid-19 

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Charles Portilla Revollar, Grishka Eyzaguirre Yañez, Paola Salinas Sarmiento 


The objective of this research was to analyze the relationship between the family social climate and the anxiety, depression, and stress experienced by university students in times of COVID-19. In this correlational and cross-sectional study, 199 university students. Were evaluated using a sociodemographic record, the family climate scale, and the depression, anxiety and stress scales. The results indicated that the dimensions of family development and stability are negatively and significantly correlated with depression, anxiety and stress (all p < .01 or less). Likewise, it was found that the family composition has different effects regarding the family climate and depression, anxiety and stress. It is concluded that the family social climate is negatively related to depression, anxiety and stress, with the dimensions of development and stability being the significant correlations. 


family social environment, anxiety, depression, stress, COVID-19