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Lifestyle and level of anxiety in the nursing staff of a second level Hospital in the municipality of San Gil in times of COVD-19

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Jaimes Valero Nohora Tatiana, Castañeda Amaya Ivan David, Hernández García Andrea Carolina, Olarte Rueda Graciela 


Introduction: Anxiety is a feeling in which symptoms such as anxiety, fear, restlessness are manifested that can interfere, for the most part, with life activities, I would say. One of the great factors with which it can be related is with the lifestyle that people lead since this defines how physical and mental health is carried. Objective: To determine the relationship between lifestyle and anxiety level in the nursing staff of a second-class hospital in the municipality of San Gil in times of COVID-19. Methods: A study of a quantitative-descriptive-correlational type was carried out in 60 nurses from the regional hospital of San Gil, including professional and auxiliary personnel, who worked from the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic to the present, the scale of generalized anxiety (GAD-7) and according to the data to those who showed anxiety, the lifestyle profile scale (FIFO-19) was applied. Results: Of the 60 nurses, 43.3% presented anxiety, 90% are women, the age range from 26 to 40 years of age with a percentage of 65%. Of the 43.3% of personnel who presented anxiety, 65.4% showed that they had an adequate lifestyle. Conclusions: All the nursing personnel, the sex that predominated the most was the female sex and in which the majority of anxiety was evidenced, the lifestyle is not related to the anxiety levels in the population.


anxiety, nursing, lifestyles, pandemic, covid-19