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Primary health care: comparative study of community-oriented with clinically-based medical school education

Biometrics & Biostatistics International Journal
Malik Beshir Malik,1 Faroug A Aziz,2 Suliman Salih3,4


In this study we compared the performances and attitudes of graduates from medical schools that are emphasizing community-based education against the conventional clinically-based graduates within the context of primary health care. Our goal is to find out what effect would the community-based education have on the graduates’ attitudes and performance in relation to the primary health care. Although the two groups are aware of the community problems, the community-based education made those who took it have upper hand in promoting and preventing diseases through preventive aspects in managing patients. The conclusion postulated by this research is that a medical education based on community-oriented teaching and style has a favorable impact on the graduates’ attitudes and performances in the primary care health. Moreover, communities need it.


primary health care, education, medical school