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Medico-socio-psychological aspect and stress factor related to the reception of Ukrainian refugees and hosts in Europe

International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Carine Duray-Parmentier,1 Noémie Nielens,2 Elin Duray,3 Pascal Janne,4 Maximilien Gourdin5


More than six or seven million Ukrainians have been subjected to bombing and violence on their territory since February 2022, forcing them to leave their homes. This invasion has created Europe's biggest recent humanitarian crisis, claiming more victims’ day by day and causing widespread displacement in and out of the country. Europe has been on the warpath ever since, trying to avoid any escalation in the ongoing conflict and avoid the use of nuclear weapons. So what about the mental health of all these displaced people? What is the impact of such a large-scale situation on the movement of refugees in Europe? What psychological impact can it have on Ukrainian refugees (stress factor, mental illness)? What psychological impact can there be on the long-term hosts of the refugees? At present, we are not aware of any French or English articles already published on the medico-socio-psychological aspects linked to the problems of displacement of Ukrainian families and the reactions of the hosts over the long term. In this article, we will try to address the medico-socio-psychological issue of careers and the psychological impact of deported Ukrainian refugees.


refugees, migrants, immigration, war, Ukraine, Ukrainians, hosts, humanitarian crisis, displacement, nuclear weapons, Europe, psychiatry, post-traumatic stress disorder infection disease, global health, medical ethics