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Electromechanical model of exoskeleton with three mobile links 

International Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Borisov A, Blinov A, Konchina L, Maslova K, Kulikova M


The article considers an electromechanical model of an exoskeleton with three links, for which a system of differential equations of motion is written and inverse and direct problems of dynamics are solved. The angles between the links that specify anthropoid motion are figured out analytically. The electric drive controlling torques are found as a result of solving the inverse dynamics problem. The found torques are approximated with stepwise piecewise-constant functions simulating the impulse control of the exoskeleton motion. The solution of the direct problem of dynamics is carried out and the link rotation angles as functions of time are found. The results of the numerical solution of the system of differential equations are compared with the initial motion of the links. It has been found that the results of simulation with impulse control are in good agreement with the original motion. The total energy expenditures have been calculated. The exoskeleton simulation, taking into account the electric drive impacts also has been carried out. For this purpose, a system of differential equations of motion has been compiled; a numerical solution of the Cauchy problem for the compiled system has been carried out. The significance of the electric drive impact on the dynamics of the mechanism has been confirmed.


exoskeleton, electric drives, local coordinate systems, control torques