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Feline toxicology: quick guide for consultation

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research
Juliana Weckx Peña Muñoz,1,4 Alex Martin Nasaré,2 Bruna da Cruz,2 Jessica de Sousa,2 Julia Messanelli,2 Luis Antonio Baffile Leoni,2 Thainara de Oliveira,2 Bruno Nascimento Lopes,2 Fábia Luvisetto do Nascimento,4 Steffany Teles de Novais,4 Bárbara de Paula Serrano,4 Paula A Faria Waziry,3 André Rinaldi Fukushima1,2


Cats are popular pets worldwide, and many owners are concerned about keeping their cats healthy and happy. However, many cat owners are unaware of the risks associated with using over-the-counter medications, which can lead to pet poisoning. Poisoning can occur when owners give their cats medications that have not been prescribed by a veterinarian or when prescribed medications are not administered correctly. Symptoms of poisoning in cats may include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, seizures, and even death. To prevent poisoning in cats, it is important for owners to understand the importance of following veterinarian instructions when administering medications. Additionally, owners should be cautious when administering human medications to their cats, as many human medications are toxic to animals. Cat owners should also be aware of signs of poisoning in their pets and seek immediate medical help if they suspect their cat has ingested an inappropriate medication. Therefore, cat owners should be aware of the risks associated with using over-the-counter medications and take measures to prevent their pets from being poisoned. Medication administration for cats should only be done under the prescription of a veterinarian, and owners should always monitor their pets for signs of poisoning. In this sense, the objective was to construct a quick and scientific guide for consultation on the main toxic agents that can cause feline poisoning and the possibilities of treatment. To achieve this, an integrative literature review was carried out, seeking important information for the toxicologist veterinarian in updated articles and books.


toxicology, poisoning, treatment, prevention