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Correlation coefficients (R-values) as potential indicators of water quality deterioration for the tropical urban lakes

International Journal of Hydrology
Chee Kong Yap,1 Wan Mohd Syazwan,1 Rosimah Nulit,1 Muskhazli Mustafa,1 Chee Wah Yap,2 Mohamad Saupi Ismail,3 Wan Hee Cheng,4 Krishnan Kumar,4 Mohammed Adana Yusuf,5 Meng Chuan Ong,6,7 Hideo Okamura,8 Yoshifumi Horie,8 Ahmad Dwi Setyawan9,10


This study demonstrates the possible application of correlation coefficient (R-values) to reflect the water quality status of tropical urban lakes. Ten water quality parameters were measured from contaminated and unpolluted urban lakes at Kelana Jaya, Malaysia. The correlation analysis on the water quality parameters revealed that the polluted lake had higher numbers of significant correlation coefficients with highly significant levels of P< 0.001, attributable to the broader ranges of water quality metrics acquired from the former. This work provides baseline evidence for the potential use of R-values as prospective markers of water quality degradation in tropical urban lakes.


water quality, statistical analysis