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Men lips enhancement: new customized approach for male’s lip treatments

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Alessandra Haddad,1 Andréia dos Santos Fogaça,2 Fábio Lopes Saito,3 Graziele Áquila de Souza Brandão,4 Luiz Eduardo Toledo Avelar5


Background: Among men, interest in undergoing aesthetic procedures has grown over the years. In particular, men are increasingly seeking lip procedures. However, there are still very few scientific reports involving lip treatments for men.
Objective: The aim of this article is to describe a novel lip-filling technique performed on 23 male patients according to their needs.
Methods: The technique described is a lip treatment developed to serve the male audience. In this technique, three possible treatments (booster effect, volumization, and beautification) are performed according to the patient’s desire in synergy with the evaluation of the cosmetic professional. Thus, this study involved 23 male patients who wished to improve the labial and/or perilabial region and who had not undergone any previous lip procedures.
Results: This study presented a novel approach to male lip fillers according to three main demands and successfully adapted to the sexual dimorphism of the lip region. The booster was the most often applied lip-filling treatment, used in approximately 56.5% of patients. On the other hand, the least often applied treatment was volumization, used in approximately 13% of patients. All patients reported being satisfied with the treatment performed. Only five patients experienced adverse reactions/complications post-treatment, which were ecchymosis and edema, but were resolved.
Conclusion: This technique proved to be effective, safe, and personalized, with very
satisfactory results, according to most patients. This study also evidenced the need for and
importance of developing further studies of lip filling techniques for the male audience.


lip treatments, lip fillers, aesthetic procedure, novel lip-filling technique, lip procedure