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Instrument for the study of exposure to violence in adolescents

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Alba Cortés Alfaro, Ramón Suarez Medina, Martha Chang de La Rosa, Juana Maggie Torriente Valle, Belkis EchemendíaTocabens, Silvia Josefina Venero Fernández, Noemy Morales Guirola, Sandra Almodóvar Núñez, Minervina Román Hernández, Cristóbal Martínez Gómez, Dania Perez Sosa

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Introduction: Violence has become a public health problem worldwide and Cuba is not exempt, there are few studies but the associated variables are not explored. In Cuba, there are no validated instruments to explore exposure to violence in adolescents in different scenarios and types of violence. Goal: To design and validate an instrument for the identification of exposure to violence in adolescents. Method: Technology development research, with the participation of 130 adolescents from Secondary Education, Pre-university Education, Technical and Professional Education and Special Behavioral Schools Categories 1 and 2, who answered the questionnaire in test-retest mode with 30 days between them; content validity was evaluated by a group of experts using Moriyama’s criteria; construct validity by confirmatory factor analysis; Internal consistency by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient and temporal stability by comparison test of mean ranks with Wilcoxon signs and associated p value. Results: Validated instrument for the study of exposure to violence as victims and observers of violence with the variables: physical violence, psychological violence, sexual violence, economic violence and violence due to neglect and/or abandonment in the following scenarios: home, school and community; all items met Moriyama’s criteria and the construct structure was justified. The dimensions achieved acceptable to good coefficients of internal consistency (0.70<= α <= 0.93), temporal stability was met (p > 0.05). Conclusion: The instrument designed and validated to explore exposure to violence in adolescents as victims and observers in the home, school and community settings in the variables physical, psychological, sexual, economic and neglect violence fulfilled the objectives for which it was designed.


exposure to violence, violence and adolescence, adolescents victims of violence, cyberbullying and adolescence, instrument construction and validation