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New civilization–new challenges: a concept of social futurism


The paper is devoted to the problem of human existence in new civilizational conditions. She reveals different reasons that have caused a contemporary civilizational crisis. Among them are the following: a man’s dependence on a machine, a state’s repressiveness, mass character of many phenomena and processes, a loss of spiritual and moral quality in human nature, etc. She bases her idea on the works by G. Marcuse, A. Glucksmann, D. Rismen, A. Camus, K. Lebak. Nowadays we deal with contradictions of information society when technologies again dominate over spiritual values (A. Toffler, E. Masuda, D. Bell D). But we should find a balance between spiritual and technological aspects in order to create a society of a new type.


social futurism, anthropological crisis, new technologies, mass communication, information civilization, industrial society