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Sarcopenia and hip osteoarthritis: possible role for targeted electrical and biophysical muscle stimulation applications


Background: Hip osteoarthritis- a painful oftentimes longstanding progressively disabling condition that occurs predominantly among sizeable numbers of older adults may be detrimentally impacted by an atrophic muscle condition known as sarcopenia. Aim: This mini review examines the possible utility of electrical or magnetic muscle stimulation for mitigating sarcopenic muscle mass declines that may be age or disease associated or both among older adults diagnosed as having early or late stage hip osteoarthritis. Methods: Peer reviewed literature on hip osteoarthritis discussing sarcopenia, as well as any evidence that electrical or magnetic muscle stimulation as applied to foster muscle mass increments are relevant to ameliorating this condition were sought and examined. Results: Many reports show hip osteoarthritis remains a highly debilitating disease to counteract and is a condition where the surrounding muscles may be atrophic. While most point to exercise and nutrition as suitable muscle interventions for countering sarcopenia, a favorable role for electrical stimulation cannot be ruled out. Conclusions: There is a possible missed opportunity that implies muscle preservation at the hip through electrical stimulation will be beneficial for fostering function at all stages of hip joint osteoarthritis progression, even if surgery is forthcoming, and should be studied further


electrical muscle stimulation, hip osteoarthritis, muscle, pain, older adults, prevention, pulsed electromagnetic fields, sarcopenia, total hip arthroplasty