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Twenty first century (21st) employability core skills necessary for educational technology teachers for instruction in this present age and labour market

Sociology International Journal
Abe Ezinne Chidinma, Uwadia Priscillia Onyehuikebue


There are certain core skills that are expected of an educational technologist, in addition to knowledge or certification in the field. These abilities are known as soft skills. These skills should be embedded in the course outline of institutions to enable and ensure that when students graduate, the skills are instilled in them, well acquired, and captured in order for them to fit into the twenty-first century environment/labor market. It is what all industries and businesses expect from anyone who wants to work with them. When these skills are combined with knowledge and certification, the graduate can do well and succeed as an educational technology staff. And this is the purpose of this paper: to list the characteristics that make an educational technology graduate / candidate employable and competent in the field. Employable skills should be prioritized in training and acquisition.


employability skills, technology teachers