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Nutritional status and management of diary persons below 70 years at Ha Dong general hospital in 2022 

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Aims: To evaluate the nutritional status of patients with artificial dialysis, cyclic hemodialysis. Methods: A cross-sectional study of 110 patients under 70 years of age. Results : As the result of the body mass index (BMI) assessment, it was found that 31.8% of the patients experienced a lack of field energy and 4.5% of the patients had an overweight BMI according to who classification. The proportion of patients with low serum albumin levels (<35 g/ L ) was 24.5%. By the overall assessment method (SGA), 38.2% of patients had a slight nutritional risk and 1.8% were severely malnourished. Conclusion: Artificial kidney dialysis patients are at risk for malnutrition during hemodialysis. Therefore, it is necessary to observe, monitor, screen and evaluate the nutritional status of patients on artificial dialysis – periodic hemodialysis.


nutritional status, artificial dialysis, chronic kidney disease