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About a Lorentz invariant aether and an alternative view to Minkowski´s diagram

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal
Daniel Levi, Daniel B Berdichevsky


With no criticism to special relativity theory it is demonstrated with the help of a lattice with certain features, that it is feasible to reintroduce the ‘aether’ as a Lorentz invariant media. Such features lie on strings made of fibers at rest in a preferred reference system and analyzes its role as a transmission medium for the propagation both a fermion and a boson. For the approach it is used a sub algebra of Poincare that recovers the Lorentz transformation. Such sub algebra leads to a special type of graphs in which we place at ultra microscopic scale a fermion over one Euclidian space-speed graph coordinates instead of the Minkowski space-time. Finally we locate macroscopic objects and light rays in this graph and show that everything is always in a particular place at a corresponding time and discuss the anisotropy of space and the reversion of the time arrow.


Lorentz invariant, Minkowski´s diagram