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Immediate recovery of patient suffering from chronic irritable bowel syndrome following ingestion of probiotics supplied in fermented milk beverage


Female patient, 68-years-old, suffering for 42 years from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) reached to my attention in social media during summer 2020 by complaining miserable experience devastating her life quality. Patient has been resided in Salt lake City, UT for the past 23 years and has been examined by numerous physicians throughout the years. She has been under medication and severe dietary program. She consumed daily dosages of digestive enzyme complex (Holoenzyme™) and Probiotic 10 capsules (Nature’s Bounty™). She had been restricted in consumption of fruits, vegetables, dairy products either cooked or raw. She suffered severe stomachache, bloating and crumpling for hours to come after consuming incompatible food ingredients. The patient communicating only by means of text messages was advised to stop the current medication and consume fermented milk beverages in order to provide sufficient supply of live probiotics. Within a day or two, she started to send complements by experiencing joy and surprise after ingesting fermented milk beverage known as Kefir manufactured by Lifeway™. No pain whatsoever, while being able to ingest various foods and fresh organics. According to the recent communications, it is assumed that patient was diagnosed skeptically and ill-advised by previous practitioners for many years hence devastating her quality of life. Regardless of assigning IBS or confirming any other clinical symptom, the patient simply was suffering from simple physiological disorder caused by incompatible microbial activity in her guts.