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Collective biomaterial interaction, Intuilish and quantum bioenergemal link


In the biomaterial (BML; three-dimensional space-time) universe the human body and of all biospecies also includes the bioenergeme (BEG) or personal component of organized bioenergemal (BEL; related to the BEG) energy and a possible third virtual (temporal) component or biointerfaceme. When the body biocollapses (dies), the BEG detaches itself and naturally, via the biointerfacemal (BIFL; possible fourth dimension) universe, goes to the BEL universe (possible fifth dimension) where it remains indefinitely. Just as organisms intentionally or unintentionally interact with organisms of the same or other biospecies, in the same way the human BEG or of another biospecies can establish spontaneous BEL communication (BELC) through unnoticed bioimages and/or intuitions with another BEG from the BML or BEL universe or from this one to that one. Naturally, BELC usually occurs during dreams and we have achieved it through the bioimages that are usually presented when practicing relaxation. We have practiced this form of collective BEL interaction or biointeraction for 31 years and, in this article, I will address the specific issue of collective biointeraction (CB) that all biospecies carry out in every ecosystem of which we are a part in the BML universe −through the BIFL universe− or in the BEL universe in a way that we have explored, fostered and made known. Some of these CBs are so common that they form uniform guidelines or laws that deserve to be progressively raised and studied.


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