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Design and construction of a Halbach magnetizer for magnetic treatment of fluids

MOJ Sports Medicine
Leonardo Mesa Torres,1 Jorge Luis García Rodríguez,1 Alejandro Alberto Bordelois Cayamo,2 Orlando Calderin Medina2


At present, the application of magnetizers (magnetic conditioners) is increasingly booming, in the different branches of socioeconomic work such as Industry, Agriculture, and Medicine. In this work the calculation and design of a magnetizer is proposed; formed by equal permanent magnets type Halbach with rectangular shape, distributed and confined in a non-ferromagnetic structure, circular section in the form of a ring, consisting of an octagonal inner circle, with a magnetic field induction (25,7-42,8) mT and a homogeneity of magnetic field, in the volume of interest, of 1,5 x 10-2 ppm (in a sphere of radius of 0,025 m), in the center of the configuration lines are distributed transversally for different water flow capacities.


magnetizer, magnetic field, permanent magnets