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Study of the impurities present in the substances of cosmetic products

MOJ Toxicology
Eléonore Couture, Lona Guillemin, Stephane Pirnay


Cosmetics have always been an integral part of our daily lives. There are different types of cosmetics for application to different sites on the body, which implies a different exposure depending on the product and the site of application. It is therefore essential to evaluate the safety of cosmetics by ensuring the safety of the substances and the finished product for the safety of the consumer. Nevertheless, impurities may persist, which may be due to a reaction of the substance or by contamination of the substance. The EXPERTOX laboratory, which regularly doses the impurities that may be present in cosmetics, has taken a closer look at the impurities that may be found in them through a bibliographical study. This study revealed that almost a third of the impurities were metals and that there was also a significant proportion of residual solvents. Moreover, on average 7 impurities can be found in substances used in cosmetic products. This study obviously requires further research, but it nevertheless makes it possible to realize that it is essential to measure metals when looking for impurities in a substance. This will allow the EXPERTOX laboratory to better target their research, as well as a better evaluation of safety and the development of new dosage methods.


impurities, toxicology, cosmetics, dosage, epidermis