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Study on the properties of yarn produced by 100% pima cotton fibre

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Mohammed Rubaiyat Chowdhury,1 Ayub Nabi Khan2


To produce higher count of yarn long staple length cotton fibres are used. Specially, long staple length Pima and Giza cotton fibres are used for this purpose. In this study to produce 80Ne carded yarn Pima cotton fibre was used. Pima Cotton is a long stable fiber. Which is normally produced in Australia and America. In this study different properties of yarn like thick, thin and neps, CSP, fineness of pima cotton fibre were tested. It was evident that the quality of the yarn produced was good in quality to produce different fine quality fabrics.


HVI (high volume instrument), uster tester 4, IPI (imperfection index)