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Approaches for sustainable production of soybean under current climate change condition

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Aiman Fatima, Sohail Ahmad Jan 

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Soybean is an important cash crop, cultivated worldwide for food, oil and feed production. Soybean production worldwide in 2020 was 353.5 million metric tons. This plant however, faces many challenges due to climate change. Increase in temperature, drought, floods etc. are the outcomes of climate change. These have a clear negative impact on soybean cultivation. This ultimately leads to food insecurity and economic losses. This review focuses on approaches which can be employed to address the climate change associated challenges in sustainable soybean production. The approaches like genetic engineering, aeroponics, nanotechnology, development of cultivars, plant pigments and hormones usage can be opted to help combat the impact of changing climate. Management of soybean under adverse climate change conditions will increase the yield and bring agriculture based economic prosperity.


aeroponics, climate change, drought resistance, heat resistance, soybean, yield