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Study to assess the effectiveness of self instruction module on knowledge and attitude regarding breast cancer and its prevention among adolescents in selected degree colleges 

Nursing & Care Open Access Journal
Sujata Japannavar, Sujata Vijaykumar


Background: Cancer is uncontrolled growth and division of cells, these cells can arise from any part of the body due to exposure to carcinogens, carcinogens are any substance or matter that causes the cancer. Breast parenchymas are most vulnerable to causation of cancer. The prevalence of breast cancer is similar in both the men and women; the prevention of hazards of breast cancer demands the early detection prompt treatment, regular curative management and awareness of complication and rehabilitation. Adolescents are group of individuals who have developed secondary sexual characteristics, are in stage of dilemma due to change in physiological and psychological living, the awareness of breast cancer and its prevention can be achieved significantly, hence the present study aims to assess and bring awareness of breast cancer in adolescents by giving a self instruction module which explains the breast cancer and its prevention. Methodology: A quasi experimental study designed to assess effectiveness of knowledge and attitude of adolescents regarding breast cancer, total 289 adolescents were selected by simple random selection from selected degree colleges, a structured questionnaire assessed for content validity index and reliability was used to collect the data on knowledge and attitude, the collected data was analyzed differential and inferential statistics for significant level of improvement in knowledge and attitude using SPSS version 20.0 Results: the study found that in pretest knowledge, attitude of adolescents were poor regarding breast cancer and its prevention, the knowledge, and attitude was significantly improved in posttest, indicating the effectiveness of self instruction module. Conclusion: the present study designed to assess the effectiveness of self instruction module regarding knowledge and attitude of adolescents on breast cancer and its prevention and found that adolescents studying in selected degree colleges had poor knowledge and attitude, the knowledge and attitude was improved with the help of self instruction module, the study recommends that the educational program such as video teaching, structured planned teaching would bring the larger population awareness breast cancer and its prevention by early detection and management.


breast cancer, knowledge, attitude, adolescents, effectiveness, self instruction module