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Rare cycling-related shoulder fracture at pediatric age

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
Joana Ramalho1 , Sara Ribeiro Silva1 , Luísa Pinto1 , Diana Oliveira1 , André Ribeiro2 , Adriano Carvalho3 , Helena Barroso Castro1


Introduction: Scapula Fractures are uncommon fractures to the shoulder girdle caused by high energy trauma and associated with pulmonary injury, head injury, and increased injury severity scores. They usually occur between 25-50 years of age. Diagnosis can be made with plain radiography and CT scan studies are helpful for fracture characterization and surgical planning. Treatment is usually conservative and thus early rehabilitation is essential. Case description: During a track cycling competition, a 14-year-old male participant falls. He was assessed by the medical team and evacuated to the nearby hospital for a suspected clavicle fracture. After evaluation and imaging investigation he was diagnosed with a scapular fracture. He was treated with immobilization for 4 weeks, with subsequent rehabilitation. Discussion: The present clinical case emphasizes the importance of correctly identifying a scapular fracture which may be associated with serious life-threatening conditions such as haemothorax or pneumothorax. A well systematised objective examination, early evacuation to hospital and effective imagiological examination as well as a prompt rehabilitation strategy are fundamental for therapeutic success.


scapula fracture, cycling, pediatric age, rehabilitation