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Analysis of the June 2021 winter storm in Victoria with a catastrophic loss of large trees and major flooding


An extreme weather event which occurred in June 2021 stretched the rescue operations of Victorian Emergency Services due to major flooding and the unprecedented number of fallen large trees. The mechanisms which produced severe convection with gusts strong enough to bring down thousands of trees also produced the heaviest rainfall. The blocked roads and access to fallen power lines resulted in power outages lasting three weeks in some areas and some people were trapped in their houses for up to a week. The atmosphere around Melbourne was characterized by very strong vertical wind shear howeverconvection was confined to mountainous areas southeast, east, and northwest of Melbourne. Overall, the region around Melbourne was in a stable atmosphere and convection was released by strong orographic lifting. Some of the heaviest rain fell on the Strzelecki Ranges and this drained into the city of Traralgon where near-record floods were reported. The event is compared with a Melbourne event in 2020 which caused three fatalities from fallen trees in the afternoon peak period. The fatalities were restricted with the current event due to it occurring just before and after midnight.


waters, damage, storms, rainfall, power