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Comparative effects of Biophotonic therapies in viral and microbial illness

Biometrics & Biostatistics International Journal
George P Einstein,1,2 Orien L Tulp,1,2 Avtandil Anaushvili3


The recently emerged coronavirus SARS-COV-2 viral strain that has caused COVID-19 illness is a member of the Coronaviridiae family, and is well known to produce respiratory, gastrointestinal and other illnesses in man and animals.1,2 Although the exact source or origin of the SARS-COV-2 viral strain has not yet been established, the coronavirus strain that causes Covid-19 is also genetically related to some zoonotic viruses isolated from pangolin, bats and camels, and which have previously caused respiratory illness in humans.3–5 Thus, the human infections likely could have occurred from an intermediate animal host via incidental interspecies transmission or other unconfirmed epidemiological origins as is believed to have occurred with the MERS strain. The Coronavirus Sars 2-Cov-19 pandemic first emerged in Wuhan, China on or before January 2020 and spread worldwide exponentially during the Spring to Fall of 2020.2 The newly described viral illness infected millions of people globally by year’s end and has continued into 2021 to the present, during which interval multiple infectious COVID-19 mutations have evolved, some with a more highly infectious potential than that of the initial virus. Continuing outbreaks of the viral mutants have emerged, often seemingly evading immunities formed from immunizations and earlier variants. Thus, the purpose of the present editorial review is to present an overview of the origins and progressive developments in the current coronavirus pandemic and to propose an application of biophotonic and bioelectromagnetic therapy as an often-effective adjunct in the treatment of potentially life threatening viral and microbial illnesses. This brief review paper concludes that biophotonic and bioelectromagnetic therapy (treatment) modalities have been utilized successfully for many years, prior to the development of antimicrobial and antiviral pharmaceutic agents as the current standard of care in common present-day therapies for infectious diseases.


SARS, covid-19, biophotonics, energy dynamics, electromagnetic therapy, immunomodulation, infectious illnesses