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N-MOC-MDMA a novel “masked” variant found by Argentina federal police

MOJ Toxicology
Guevara Sa, Gomara UD, De Seta JC, Martínez MP


NSP encompass both the appearance of new substances and the variation of other classic ones, among which are N-substituted derivatives of MDMA with substituents that function as a protective group or ‘mask’ in order to evade legal controls. Two different unrelated seizures were examined, physical characteristics and presentation indicating they would be destined directly for consumer use. Samples were analyzed with PE Clarus 600 - 600T GCMSD. In both cases, the amphetamine derivative N-MOC-MDMA (N-methoxycarbonyl3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) was identified as a minor component mixed with MDMA, with ephedrine also present in the second one. Identification was carried out from theoretical deconvolution with the support of predictive software and SWGDRUG’s v. 3.10 spectral library matching. Obtained results are congruent in N-MOC-MDMA identification according to revised bibliography. Bibliographic background indicates N-MOC-MDMA, among others, as a possible prodrug made with the aim of eluding controls for its distribution, and subsequent reconversion to the typical drug in a simple form. This hypothesis could be supported by the mixture identified in the samples, a consequence of a possible inefficient conversion. Detection of this new “masked”-type MDMA in Argentina demonstrates the need for its inclusion in the local lists of prohibited substances.


N-MOC-MDMA, masked MDMA, MDMA protecting groups, PFA