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Healthy lifestyles for male masters athletes from frailty and lifestyle points of view

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
Hiroshi Bando, Seiji Konoike, Yuko Takenaka


Authors and collaborators have investigated the subjective health and life satisfaction of elderly male Masters’ athletes. Subjects were 97 cases with 63.9 years in average, who participated in Masters track and field competition event, and they are asked to answer the questionnaire concerning healthy lifestyle habits. It had the inquiries about subjective health, satisfaction of daily life, spending leisure time and others. Two groups were categorized as non-elderly and elderly people (n=46/51), and compared for the detail such as frailty. As a result, no significant difference was found between two age groups for several aspects including daily lifestyle situation.


elderly male, masters’ athlete, healthy lifestyle habits. Frailty, international masters athletics federation (IMAF)