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Endothoracic goiter as a cause of dyspnea: case report

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Claribel Plain Pazos,1 Anel Pérez de Alejo Alemán,2 Carmen Rosa Carmona Pentón,1 Nubia Blanco Balbeito,3 Anisbel Pérez de Alejo Plain,4 Geidy Barreras Elias,5 Daysi Treto Bravo6


Endothoracic goiter is rare and mostly affects women between the fifth and sixth decade of life. A case of endothoracic goiter is presented in a 63-year-old man who smoked and presented with cough, dyspnea, and easy fatigue. A chest X-ray and CT scan were performed and an endothoracic goiter was diagnosed. A medial sternotomy with total thyroidectomy was performed. The biopsy revealed Thyroid Nodular Hyperplasia with degenerative changes. The patient evolved favorably. The accurate diagnosis helped effective treatment and satisfactory evolution of the patient. Knowledge about this disease contributes to better management of it.


Thyroid, goiter, endothoracic, tumor, mediastinum