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Magnetic bed for the treatment of different somatic diseases: design and simulation

MOJ Sports Medicine
Leonardo Mesa Torres,1 Jorge Luis García Rodriguez,1 Alejandro Alberto Bordelois Cayamo2


At present, sports injuries that occur during the practice of a sport or physical exercise are becoming more and more common, due to a series of predisposing factors that make an individual more susceptible to suffer these injuries. In Cuba there is a high prevalence of articular affections of knees and ankles, with a high prevalence in people older than 60 years; in the province of Santiago de Cuba 45% of the total number of consultations correspond to soft tissue injuries. One of the applications of the electromagnetic field is in the treatment of different pathologies of the osteomuscular system (Soma). The objective of this work lies in the design of a magnetic bed with permanent magnets, in analogy to a circular Halbach type configuration for the treatment of different diseases of the soma, which consists of three main parts: the magnetic system, which generates magnetic induction for therapeutic purposes, the opening and closing system of the magnetic system, which allows the radial variation of the magnetic system and the patient-support bed system, which allows the positioning of the patient in the treatment area. The principle of operation is that the therapist selects the induction of the magnetic field and the homogeneity of the magnetic field, depending on the pathology(s) to be treated, through a software that controls the movement of the opening and closing system of the magnetic system and the patientbed support system, which is coupled to a stepper motor reducer that ensures a precise and accurate positioning of the sample (or patient) according to the area to be treated, which allows more than 80% effectiveness of the therapy with respect to conventional treatment.


magnetic beds, magnetic fields, magnetotherapy