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Music to combat stress during the pandemic: brief theoretical review

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics
Ana Mercedes Vernia Carrasco


Music, every day more, is used for quality of life. In recent years we have attended projects and experiences where music is used as therapy, in hospitals, in residences for the elderly people etc. In addition, music is used in education, to improve concentration, strengthen memory, facilitate communication skills and body expression, and even to relax students. The situation caused by COVID-19 has generated an increase in stress and poor quality of life in all people, regardless of age, however, this work focuses on the quality of life of adults and older people. This manuscript is a literature review. In this proposal includes articles and other documents that show the importance of music during confinement and the need to promote musical education and training in both young people, adults and elderly people. The methodology used combines qualitative and quantitative data. The results respond, through the selected articles, to the need to include music as a tool for quality of life. The conclusions point out the need to continue researching in this line of action that unites music and health. 


music education, quality of life, Covid-19, adults, wellbeing