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Diabetes and hypertension are common comorbidities among Covid-19 patients in Northern Sudan-Atbara

Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control
Nahla Ahmed Mohammed Abderahman,1 Ahmed Yhya Eshage Gamer Aldeen,2 Esraa AbdAlrhman Mohammed,2 Gateem Yousif Babiker Mohammed,2 Asma Merghani Hassan Osman,2 Hiba Mahgoub Ali Osman,3,4 Abderrhman Ahmed Mohamed Ismaeil,5 Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed6


Objectives: The current study aims to identify the clinical and pathological characteristics of Sudanese Covid-19 patients who have either diabetes, hypertension, or both.
Method: A retrospective study was carried out in Atbara Isolation Center for Covid-19 patients in River Nile State-Sudan. Data on the clinical and demographic characteristics of 80 Covid-19 patients of various ages and genders who visited the isolation center between December 2021 and February 2022 were gathered from their medical records. Three groups of subjects diabetic, hypertension, and diabetic-hypertensive were created.
Result: The mean age of study group was 66 years old. Severe pathological features of Covid-19 were noticed among all study groups. The percenage of patients with low oxygen saturation was 92.3% of diabetics, 89.7% of hypertensive, and 90.9% of diabetic-hyperten-sive. Lymphocytopenia was observed in 90.9% of diabetic patients, and 82.6% of hyperten-sive patients, while all diabetic-hypertensive exhibited low lymphocyte count. A percentage of 23.1%, 28.0%, and 30.8% of diabetic, hypertensive, and diabetic-hypertensive patient had low platelet count, respectively.
Conclusion: We concluded that diabetic, hypertensive and diabetic-hypertensive patient
who were affected with Covid-19 were elderly and suffering from severe pathological fea-
tures of disease, particularly in those who had both diabetes and hypertension. An intensive
care is suggested for Covid-19 patients with diabetes, hypertension, as well as those who
were affected with two comorbidities.


Covid-19, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, Atbara, Sudan