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The context of the textile industry and sustainability: concepts, indicators and a parallel in the world

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Andrei de Azambuja Maraschin, Lucas Veiga Avila


Brazil is the 5th largest textile industry and 4th in the clothing segment in the world. However, its share in the global textile market is only 0.3% in terms of turnover, with a low gain in competitive capacity. Considering its importance to the Brazilian economy, this article seeks to analyze the context of the Brazilian textile industry, main concepts and a parallel with the world industry. The main results are: Brazil is a country with full capacity of farming raw materials in less harmful ways and after the pandemic, the sector started to worry more about the environment. New ways of creating the final product are already being used and the indictators show that it is possible to have a final product using less natural resources and without producing huge amounts of waste.


textile industry, Brazil, indicators, sustainability