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Recurrent craniopharyngioma 


Craniopharyngioma is a rare embryonic malformation tumor in the sellar and parasellar area of low histological grade. Local recurrence is frequent, being of great importance the use of the preoperative visual field as a clinical predictive indicator; and its postoperative outcome. The objective of this report is to recognize a recurrence in the event of small changes in visual acuity or campimetric alterations in patients with a history of this tumor. Clinical case: A 10-year-old girl presents to the clinic with a history of craniopharyngioma operated on a year earlier, with both atrophic optic nerves and decreased visual acuity. Complementary studies and urgent referral to the pediatric neurosurgeon were carried out, who detected intracranial hypertension secondary to recurrence of the craniopharyngioma, leading to its surgical removal. Conclusion: It is important to highlight the requesting of a visual field both for the detection of possible recurrences and for the follow-up of the craniopharyngioma, considering its high recurrence rate


craniopharyngioma, recurrence, intracranial hypertension