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Solvent extraction of nickel from iron and cobalt containing sulfate solutions

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Fatma Arslan1, Zeynep Bü?ra Güven1, Ünzile Yenial Arslan2, Birgül Benli1, Cüneyt Arslan3


In this study, solvent extraction is applied for extracting nickel from sulfate solutions containing iron and cobalt ions. This process can also be applied for the cleaning of waste solutions and for increasing solution concentrations after the leaching of low-grade nickel ores. Di-2-Ethylhexyl phosphoric acid (D2EHPA) was used as an extractant for this purpose. Effects of pH, aqueous/organic (A/O) phase ratio, iron, and cobalt ion contents of the solution on nickel extraction efficiency were investigated. The McCabe-Thiele diagrams for extraction and stripping steps were developed to determine the number of stages required. A total of two stages were required for 96.3% of Ni extraction and a total of two stages to strip nickel with 98% efficiency.


Nickel; iron; cobalt; D2EHPA; solvent extraction