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Textile waste as a resource for teaching, technology and art

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Elisangela Christiane de Pinheiro Leite Munaretto,1 Maclovia Corrêa da Silva2


The theme of sustainability in relation to textile production carries several discussions on behalf of awareness and responsibility towards consumer action and the recycling of waste still inevitably generated. In this sense, the culture of fast fashion widely disseminated causes serious problems related to textile disposal, being relevant the opportunities for experimentation and research that present themselves as attempts to minimize the waste problem. Considering this, this work bet on the educational context as an opportune space to unveil knowledge related to sustainable development in the midst of alternative technologies. Thus, textile residues were used as a potential raw material as a pedagogical/artistic resource, being unusual for the students. This experience/life provoked discussions with potential views to the juvenile criticality facing consumption actions, as well as made us reflective about possible educational measures about the theme of waste and its disposal on the Planet. This is an experimental research action with the purpose of answering the hypothesis about the re-signification of textile waste in order to expand the students' repertoire, collaborating with their personal poetics in critical and creative possibilities based on environmental education.


textile waste, artistic processes, sustainability, environmental education, elementary school