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Can vitamin D positively impact one or more post-acute-COVID-19 syndrome musculoskeletal and cognitive complications?


The coronavirus disease known as COVID-19 has persisted in various forms now for three years without any major reduction on its detrimental health outcomes. This mini review highlights some aspects of the condition now known as the post-acute or long COVID-19 syndrome that has recently been seen to emerge among a fair percentage of COVID-19 survivors. It asks whether efforts to ensure vitamin D intake or exposure levels can impact one or more manifestations of the post-acute COVID-19 syndrome in some way. Using the key words: Vitamin D, Long COVID or Post-acute COVID-19 the PUBMED, PubMed Central, and Google Scholar were explored for articles of relevance. Described in narrative form, these data reveal that while this topic has not yet been articulated to any degree in most management articles as of December 2022, the challenges to musculoskeletal health alone of post-acute COVID-19 appear to warrant its due consideration.


coronavirus, long- COVID -19, post-acute COVID-19, vitamin D