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Factors affecting leisure-time physical activities to promote public health: a systematic literature review

MOJ Sports Medicine
Sameer Mohammed Sayyd,1 Hassan Abuhassna2


Objective: It has been observed that sports activities are intended to promote weight loss and public health maintenance among individuals in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this study is to explore the factors that influence leisure-time physical activity to promote public health among (KSA) university male students. Methods: This study employed Scopus, Science Direct, Google Scholar, and other databases to examine studies on the most common components in leisure-time physical research. These and other databases made it possible to find relevant theses in the study’s area of interest. Results: This study identified 7 factors that might improve leisure-time physical activity to promote public health. They are as follows: (human resources, the culture of the society, facilities, financial, tools, programs, and policies). Universities should therefore play a part in boosting students’ motivation to participate in LTPA by building more locations where students can access integrated sports facilities, tools, and human resources. They should also consider offering financial support to athletes who have achieved particularly high levels of success. In addition, special attention should be paid to the type and nature of the programs that are offered to students. Conclusion: This study suggests that other factors, such as psychological and builtenvironmental resources, university-offered programs, cultural and health, should be taken into account when formulating legislation. Together, this would help us determine the best practices for encouraging male students to participate more on campus.


leisure-time, physical activities, factors affecting, public health, Saudi Arabia