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Therapeutic management of dermatitis in a female German shepherd bitch in Islamabad, Pakistan

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research
Lookesh Kumar,1 AAmerish Mushtaque,2 Adnan Yousaf,1 Rehana Shahnawaz1


A female German shepherd bitch with baldness, widespread purulent lesions, hyperpigmentation, and acute itching was presented at the Ali veterinary clinic, Islamabad. The common reasons of the dermatitis problem are Mange/mite. According to history and current conditions of bitch mange/mite were ruled out as after a laboratory investigation. The condition has been identified as atopic dermatitis other bacterial and fungal infection agents also caused secondary lesion. Anti-allergic/antihistaminic drugs along with the administration of corticosteroids and nutritional supplement of omega fatty acid had noticeable marginal recovery in the bitch health.


dermatitis, itching, diffuse purulent, canine atopic dermatitis