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Chronic kidney disease and physical exercise. a bibliographic review

MOJ Public Health
Byron Antony Ostaiza Moreira, Carlos Daniel Franco Parraga, Dietmar Fernando Rodriguez Fariño


For some years now, physical exercise has been considered one of the main mechanisms to counteract the progression and/or appearance of chronic kidney disease. This is in contrast to the old belief that physical exercise could worsen kidney function due to the already known increase in proteinuria. This research investigates the impact of physical exercise
in reducing the risk of chronic kidney disease using a literature review method taking information from indexed document bases. Determined that physical exercise, an average of 150 minutes of aerobic type per week, decreases certain factors such as proteinuria and microalbuminuria, but does not in itself decrease the risk of chronic kidney disease, since
the literature remains firm on the premise that the main Risk Factors for chronic kidney disease are arterial hypertension and type I and II diabetes mellitus. Concluding that it is essential to pay special attention to the pathologies added to the patient’s medical history and to counteract their progress to more severe stages.


renal, chronic, exercise, hypertension, diabetes