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Pharmacological mechanisms of medicinal plant extracts in the treatment of dermatological diseases: in vitro, in vivo studies and clinical trials

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Bignoate Kombate, Kossi Metowogo


Dermatological diseases are common inflammatory affections of the skin. In recent times, interest in herbal medicine for the treatment of dermatological diseases has become more than necessary due to the side effects of conventional drugs and their ineffectiveness. To this end, the use of herbal medicine is a promising approach. The objective of this review is to list scientific articles and reviews on plant extracts or plant formulations used in the treatment of dermatological diseases including acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and wounds which are the most common affections. The following scientific databases were consulted: PubMed, Inari, science direct, Google scholar, Web of Science and Scopus. This review provides evidence that herbal medicines will be emerging and promising treatments for dermatological conditions. However, better quality evidence and standardized methodologies are needed to support and further investigate the efficacy, safety and security of these plants.


skin diseases, phytotherapy, medicinal plants, plants extracts, acne, psoriasis, wounds