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Polyculture method of Vietnamese koi and monosex tilapia in pond- A Mini Review


Vietnamese koi and monosex tilapia have potential for production in a polyculture as both fish species grow very fast and are adapted in same land. 30 decimals – several acres of land can be selected as pond for the polyculture of Vietnamese koi & monosex tilapia.1 The average size of fry is 2–3 gm and 300–350 pieces/ decimal mixed fry of koi and tilapia can be stocked in the pond for commercial fish culture.2 The protein content of the feed should be minimum 30% as koi fish needs higher protein content in their feed for the better growth.3 The average weights of Vietnamese koi and monosex tilapia are 300 gm and 400 gm within a four- month culture period.4,5 The productions of Vietnamese koi and monosex tilapia are about 12000 kg/hectare and 9000 kg/hectare after four months of the culture period.4,5 Although there are few drawbacks to culture of the fish species, but due to their fast growth rates, farmers should culture these fishes more commercially in polyculture system.


Vietnamese koi, monosex tilapia, polyculture, growth, production