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Imaging and histological approach to the diagnosis of pulmonary lesions by COVID-19: case report

Journal of Human Virology & Retrovirology
Jose Cabrales Fuentes, Susana Verdecia Barbie, Alejandro Luis Mendoza Cabalé

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A 52-year-old white female patient, a teacher by profession, with no personal pathological history of interest, was admitted to the intensive care unit of the “Lucía Íñiguez Landín” Clinical Surgical Hospital with pneumonia due to COVID-19, for which received several treatments persisting after 20 days of the same a marked severe restrictive ventilatory pattern without achieving improvement and died. Digital radiography images and chest computed tomography images were obtained, and a pulmonary histological study was also performed. The novelty of the case is given by the current relevance of the use of imaging and histological studies of this pandemic entity that has spread rapidly throughout the world whose histopathological changes are not fully understood, which undermines clinical identification adequate treatment of patients and the implementation of effective therapeutic strategies, which is why this article was prepared with the aim of showing the findings in the diagnostic imaging corroborated with histology


covid 19, imaging, histology