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Expectations of patients assessed in clinical psychology in a mental health center

Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Melisa Cuesta Pastor,1 Diego Sánchez Ruiz,2 Ana Moreno Pérez3

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At present, an understanding of psychic suffering marked by the biomedical model predominates, which also permeates the approach from clinical psychology and determines the expectations of patients. Expectations are one of the least studied variables of therapeutic change, despite being included among the common factors and their importance being confirmed in different studies. This research seeks to describe the expectations of the population assessed in the clinical psychology service in a Mental Health Center. Expectations are assessed quantitatively using the MPEQ questionnaire and qualitatively using an ad hoc questionnaire. The results reflect that most patients have the expectation that therapists will help them through techniques to reduce their symptoms and have disproportionately high expectations regarding the results of psychotherapy, which in accordance with the biomedical and rational-scientific predominant conception in this area. 


expectations in psychotherapy, biomedical model, common factors, clinical psychology, descriptive-observational study