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The dominant and defeated theory for sociology of acculturation in clothing, food, color by Ibn Khaldun, judge of Mamlukids, dialogue or clash

Sociology International Journal
Mohammadreza Shahidipak

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By studying extensive and rapid changes in acculturation between Jew, Islamic,Christian societies of western and eastern of Mediterranean,Ibn Khaldun succeeded to presenting a secular model for justify behavior of states, individuals and societies in tight conflict of power circulation in open Mediterranean societies, which has existed for several centuries since his time. It is important for human sciences and it is based on the natural necessity of society. Ibn Khaldoun’s theory has its roots in Qur’an that dominant people are not satisfied with defeated people unless they see them in color of their culture and nations.The theory of dominant and defeated has deep and wider roots in Islamic world, and before Ibn Khaldun and his descendants, it reaches use of word “dominance” in Farabi’s social theory, but Ibn Khaldun was in course of a concrete event that was taking place in two section of Islamic worlds and this situation challenged Mamlukids of Egypt and Bani Ahmar kingdom of Andalusia. Based on these daily observations, he presented theory of dominant and defeated which shaped and related upon power and natural necessary spread of culture, which is called social necessity in modern science of sociology.Just as dying Islamic states had succumbed to autograph of their fall, the people of societies were also subject to dominant power in their outward behavior of covering, food, smells and appearances. Contemporary studies of Ibn Khaldun and after him about alienation of women and following the dominant culture in food and clothing, entertainment, doing all the things similar to actions of dominant people that showed in medieval texts, which include specialized terms in field of theory of dominant and subjugated. It is like “the word “Tahrosh” and its direct effect on instability of West of Islamic societies, which was created in same period and some time before Ibn Khaldun. The continuous stability and instability of Cairo from the Fatimids to the Mamlukids period is a direct process of invasion in open Mediterranean societies and continuation of Mongols battles and Crusaders of in Levant (Shamat) that is developing in east from eastern Mediterranean to Indian Ocean.It seems that theories that believe in necessity of civilization and culture and end of history are victorious and there is no place for any kind of cultural fusion. In modern sociology, this phenomenon is referred to as « ? Acculturation”. Is there some kind of convergence between contemporary theories about relationship between civilizations &cultures and Ibn Khaldun’s theory that was presented earlier?


dominance, clash, dialog, acculturation