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Cutaneous endometriosis presented in a 43-year-old woman’s caesarian scar


Cutaneous endometriosis is a rare skin condition with the presence of endometrial tissue in the skin. The condition most often affect fertile women and symptoms typically include cyclical tenderness, pain or itch of the tissue during ovulation and menstruation.

We report a 43-year-old woman who presented with a red papule in a caesarian scar, with recurring tenderness and pain following ovulation and menstruation. Histopathological findings from a punch biopsy showed the presence of dermal endometrial glands surrounded by cytogenic stroma and blood. An immunohistochemical analysis further supported the diagnosis with ER-positive glands and CD-10+ stroma. The patient was referred to a gynecological ward where a hormonal spiral was inserted. This hormonal therapy reduced the patient’s clinical symptoms and improved her quality of life.
Significance: Cutaneous endometriosis is an uncommon skin condition with the presence of ovarian tissue on the skin. It most often affects fertile women and cause skin tissue to becomes tender and painful during ovulation and menstruation. This can have a great impact on the patient’s quality of life. Treatment options include hormonal therapy and surgery.


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