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Retroperitoneal fibrosis - case report 

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Retroperitoneal fibrosis (RPF) is a rare entity that consists of chronic, non-specific inflammation of the retroperitoneum with proliferation of fibrotic tissue surrounding the aorta, inferior vena cava, iliac vessels, and generally encompasses and compresses the ureters. It can be primary idiopathic or secondary to drugs, neoplasms, previous radiotherapy among others. The average age of onset is between 40 and 70 years with a slight male predominance. The clinical manifestations are non-specific, so it is frequently diagnosed in advanced stages. The initial symptoms consist of low back pain, asthenia, weight loss, arterial hypertension and in advanced stages obstructive renal failure is associated. MDCT (multidetector computed tomography) is the first line diagnostic method where it is possible to evaluate the extension of the fibrous mass as well as the involvement of adjacent structures, detect hydronephrosis or secondary causes.


Retroperitoneal fibrosis, retroperitoneum, renal failure, hydronephrosis